With 13 years and hundreds of hours on live, unscripted television, Margot Potter shines on camera. She’s quick witted, fast on her feet, effervescent, and thoroughly approachable. Whether appearing on home shopping channels, local news segments or reality TV, she’s handled it all with poise and humor. If you’re looking for a top notch host or a knowledgeable guest with a ton of personality, you’ve found her. Margot has consistently executed cutting edge, trend savvy, stylish video, web and print campaigns for a large roster of clients. She's written 7 books on jewelry making and design and an e-book on branding. Margot is also an experienced public speaker with a gift for extemporaneous gab. From Tokyo to Manhattan, she brings her high energy, entertaining approach to every occasion. 

“It’s hard to choose just 3 attributes for recommending the very dynamic Margot Potter for inspired creative work. She should have her own network. If anyone wants to hire an on air talent, she’s the one! She’s versatile in all mediums, promotes crafts like a superstar, is a trained actress and performer. She’s really quite intimidating, all that power in one small stylish designer. She is also a pleasure to work with and an extraordinary networker. Hire her or better yet, jump on her coat tails so she can take your product global!”  Dawn Sandoe (former VP Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations AMACO American Art Clay Products)