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Hello, Gorgeous!

You’ve arrived at the website of Margot Potter aka Madge. Welcome to my world. Or my virtual world, as it were. There’s a lot to digest here, so feel free to pour yourself a cuppa or a snifter or a mug or what have you and wander aimlessly. You might also opt to wander with purpose, or if this isn’t your cuppa, wander off into the virtual sunset in search of more palatable libations. This is an entirely optional experience. Attention is optional, participation is optional, clothing is optional. Whatever floats your dinghy, dahling.

It’s my goal in all that I do, say, and share to inspire you to do what makes you happy. I also want to encourage you to consider allowing other people the breathing room to do the same. Let your freak flag fly, high! Embrace your inner weirdo! If we all let go of the need for approval and validation and the need to approve and validate…what a kick ass wonder filled world we could co-create.

I believe in the power of kindness, the importance of embracing the moment, the magic of letting go, and the beauty inherent in every single living creation. I think we waste a lot of time trying to ‘fix’ other people that would likely be better spent fixing ourselves. I’m working on that, every single day. I’m a work in progress.

xoxo, Madge