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June 19, 2018

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Over 50 Author Defies Convention with Bold New Book

 Margot Potter 

Margot Potter 

After the unexpected implosion of her TV and craft industry careers, author Margot Potter found herself out of work, plummeting into menopause, turning 50, rapidly gaining weight, facing the empty nest, and deeply in need of reinvention. She wrote her way back from the brink creating a series of funny, poignant, honest, and raw essays, poems, and listicles. Margot Potter’s bold new book Fifty and Other F-words: Reflections from the Rearview Mirror for Sterling Publishing encourages women of a certain age to reject the current scripts on aging and write a new story. Three notches too loud, five notches too sparkly, and aging disgracefully, Potter tells it like it is without sugar coating or side stepping even the most painful truths about thriving and surviving after 50.

In a youth obsessed reality, women over 50 find themselves becoming invisible. They’re the least employed demographic, facing a job market that undervalues their skills and their experiences. They’re the least represented in TV, film, print, and online media, where older actors are paired with women in their 20s and older actresses find themselves playing grandmothers or worse, out of work. They’re the least served in retail, where the focus is on chasing the 18-35 crowd while offering older consumers a pathetic array of comfort shoes, adult diapers, and dowdy fashions. The largest demographic, with the largest collective buying power, women over 50 are aching to be seen, heard, and cherished.

Women are rising up in unprecedented numbers. Potter speaks their language, offering a rallying cry, a manifesto, an invitation to shine brighter and grow BOLDER. Fifty and Other F-words encourages women of a certain age to lift each other up, cheer each other on, and refrain from judging, shaming, and tearing each other apart. With a refreshing, surprising, and unexpected perspective, Potter smashes stereotypes and rewrites the outdated scripts on aging.

“There is life after 50, real, soulful magical, kick-ass, beautiful life. We aren’t relegated to the sidelines and we do not have to fade away. In fact, this is the perfect time to dial up the volume. At this age we’ve earned the right to do whatever makes us happy and be who we are without fear, shame, or apology. The truth is, we always had that right.” Fifty and Other F-words by Margot Potter

With 13 years and thousands of hours in live unscripted TV, 7 books on jewelry making and design, 15 years of working with most of the biggest companies in the DIY Industry, Margot Potter has reinvented herself once again as a writer and on-camera personality focused on inspiring women of a certain age to refuse to go gentle into that good night.

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