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Fun Facts

I am three notches too loud, five notches too sparkly, and aging disgracefully. I think these are my super powers.

When I'm not arranging words and sentences, I've been known to trip the boards, ham it up for the camera, and croon a happy tune.

I have a shameless love of glitter and neon pom poms.

I have pink hair, but my favorite color is chartreuse green. Go figure.

I enjoy a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, extra dark chocolate, long walks on the beach at sunset, and the company of people who don't take themselves too seriously. 

I have moved 34 times in 55 years. None of this was the game plan, but life’s funny like that.

I’m #over50andfearless. You become what you think.

When I was born my skin was translucent. My mother tried to give me back, but they insisted I was hers. I'm still translucent in areas that haven't seen much sun.

I have a world class potty mouth. I would claim that I have Tourrette's Syndrome, but that would be a lie. I'm currently in a twelve step program for people addicted to four letter words. That is also a lie.