We Can Do Better, Women

we can do better women.png

We no longer have access to live TV, we've cut the cord and our antennae is useless. Thusly, we didn't watch The Oscars last night. I avoided social media until this morning, because I knew what I would find in my feeds. 

And there it was...in all of its ugly, sad, judgmental glory...the ubiquitous women bashing other women for their sartorial and dermatological choices. I scrolled through a disappointing stream of nasty comments about 'her face' and 'her dress.' The snide asides about Botox, fillers, exposed boobs, hideous dresses...blah, blah, blah.

Break out the Scarlet Letter, Hester. But don't you dare Bedazzle that shit. Women should neither be seen nor heard. 

Like clockwork, even with #timesup, the snark pours forth from fingertips poised on keyboards as they sit on a couch in their PJs passing judgement and desperately seeking attention. Look how funny I am! I risked nothing! I did nothing! 

Go me!

I wish we could be better, women. 

First came the speculation about a variety of actresses over 40 and who had the most work done. How could she do that to her face? How dare she not age gracefully!

Then, the winner of most offensive thread in my feed was from a woman who suggested that "me to" (sp) actresses whose "boobs were sticking out of their sexy dresses" got what was coming to them. Yup. Blame the women. According to this mythology men are weak willed perverts led around by their dicks and women are sirens luring them into wanton acts of sexual harassment merely by their presence. If they would keep their boobs covered, men would keep their hands to themselves. 

You know, that old chestnut, they were asking for it. 

This story is as tired as the women who keep telling it.

Let's write a new story, shall we?

What a woman wears is her business. What a woman does with her face is her business. Every aspect of a woman's appearance is her business. If you insist on being an arm chair critic, roll that chair up to a mirror and take a good look at yourself, sister.

Because bitchy doesn't look good on anyone.