Updates from the Hamster Wheel

Hello, Gorgeous!

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"Lighten up, Buttercup."

This is my mantra today. I've been a little ratcheted up by the constant chaos, as have we all. There's only so much I can do in a day, and I'm feeling more than a little like a hamster on a wheel. I think I'm gaining ground and yet...somehow I'm in the same place as I was when I started. Or maybe I've progressed, but it's so incremental that it's almost imperceptible. Yet I keep marching bravely forward.

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In other news, I've been creating graphics with quotes from Fifty and Other F-words as a way to promote the book on social media without it feeling quite as shameless. Not that I have any problem with Shameless Self Promotion, as those of you who read this drivel on a regular basis know. Still, at some point shameless self promotion crosses into obnoxiousness. I don't wish to be obnoxious, just persistent. 

Have I mentioned that I have a new book? It's pretty fabulous. At least that's what people are saying. Real people! Might I share some snippets of reviews?

Yes, yes I might. 

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"A rare find, a book like this, which offers wisdom, humor, insight, and encouragement, without endless pages of unasked for advice. I found this not so much self-helpy, and more "girlfriends weekend getaway," filled with genuine, caring, lean-in-and-laugh-about-it companionship." Kim Miles

"Margot Potter has written an in-your-face, hilarious, brilliant and worthwhile playbook for those of us who are searching for guidance concerning anything which has confronted us since we turned fifty. In fact, if you are younger, yet you want to be enlightened, or you are older (as I am) and need to understand what the midlife crisis is all about, this book has you covered." Jean Yates

"While she waxes poetic on the benefits of good cosmetics, I would suggest going bare faced while reading this book as you will ruin your makeup as you will laugh until tears stream down your face. Margot Potter's book should be gifted to every women who is approaching the half century mark. Wrap it up in a gorgeous scarf and add a card with loads of glitter!" PC

You Look Good for Your Age Fifty and Other F Words Graphic.png

"Margot captures in the most deliciously irreverent way the adventures (& a few calamities) of aging ever onward. A wondrous read, on so many levels. Forget being just a great book for a friend's 50th - give it to the youngers in your life so they can know that life need not wind down, but reboot & hit WOW." Deev Murphy

"She is inspiring, irreverent and makes you feel like you're chatting with a friend over cocktails. She takes you behind the curtain of what it is to be a woman, a mother, a wife and a friend after 50. Let your hair down, pour yourself a drink and enjoy this glimpse in the mirror. And for the record, we are all fabulous, Margot has just helped us to see it." Susan Flesher

"It's been YEARS since I've read a book nonstop, back to back in a day! Filled with things you never heard your Mom or her friends talk about in a humorous way. I laughed, had a few sad moments but mostly "same here" stuff! Come on girls of over and under 50, throw this baby in your cart and get a better grip on shit that happens!" Judith Noble

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"Every woman's midlife is different - mine definitely is - and yet I agree with much if not all of what Margot Potter writes about in Fifty and Other F-Words. From learning to laugh at ourselves to also love ALL of us, sagging parts, facial hair and more, to dealing with menopause as we see fit (I am a happy HRT-taking camper) to speaking our minds and standing up for ourselves, she covers it all. Including how and why women should be lifting one another up instead of tearing each other down. Buy the book, read it, gift it. It's absolutely worth it!" Lorraine C. Ladish'

"Oh my gosh!! This had me in stitches...and she makes everything even more ok!! Love it!!!" VKJ

"Margot offers inspiration for a positive life experience in a humorous, powerful, thought provoking, and entertaining must read. Laughed out loud and seriously reflected on my own self-judgement. Margot has a gift of providing encouragement and humor for accepting ourselves who we are. Highly recommend this book for women of every age." S. Scanlin

I'm getting emails, social media comments, texts...all from women and men who are digging this book and the message behind it. This is good. I am hopeful that this little book will begin to roll down hill, gathering snow, and growing exponentially. If you have it, love it, and wish to help promote it, please consider a review on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and/or Good Reads!


Forward ho!