Margot Potter Designs

Hello, Gorgeous!

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Welcome to my little corner of the world. I hope this blog post finds you well. I’m busy as a little bee here in my studio creating jewelry. I’ve decided to call this jewelry Margot Potter Designs. Some pieces are crafted from old tins, some from beads and bits I’ve gathered over the years, and some are minimalist hand stamped creations. As time progresses, the work will progress with an ever evolving series of micro-collections. I create pieces with a vintage flair but a modern spin. I am focused on sustainability, using upcycled and recrafted materials when possible. I’m keeping it simple and straight forward with easy to wear, delicate, romantic, feminine pieces that compliment the wearer but don’t steal the show. After all, jewelry should be the icing on your delicious cake.


There is no official launch, no fanfare or frippery. This is what one might call a soft launch. I am not reinventing the wheel, just putting my spin on things. I am not taking credit for making jewelry from old tins, beads, stamped charms, or other materials that may capture my fancy. I’m doing my thing and encouraging everyone to do their thing, too. I will be creating a jewelry-centric Instagram that you may follow if you want to see what’s new with Margot Potter Designs. Stay tuned for that. I’ll also share sneak peeks into my process via video on #morningswithmadge on Facebook and blog posts here from time to time. These sneak peeks may evolve into offering DIY tools and supplies so you can create your own jewelry. I don’t know yet. I’ve decided to let things unfold as they will instead of making grand plans and forcing square pegs into round holes.

For this first week I am offering 20% off of your purchase using the code HAPPYVD. More pieces will be appearing every day, so come back to see what’s new!

US only for the time being as I fine tune the logistics of packing and shipping. That may change in the future, so please give me time. Thank you, in advance, for your patience as I bring this endeavor up to speed. To start, I’ll be shipping USPS Priority, this insures your purchase in case of loss or damage. I want to be sure you get your jewelry safe and sound and can enjoy it right away.

There’s much more jewelry to create, decisions to make about themes and formats and presentations. I need to refine the photography, retool the website so it’s more retail friendly. Therefore, this is a soft launch. It’s a work in progress. You, dear reader, are cordially invited to join me on my adventures… or mis-adventures as the case may be…we’ll find out together.

What fun!