Make it with Madge and Mod Podge!

Hello, Fabulous Person,

I’m super excited to share that I’ve been selected as a Plaid Creator by the fine folks at Plaid Crafts. That means that over the coming year, I’ll be sharing new products and tutorials with you featuring their fabulous products. I just posted my first video featuring the new Mod Podge Ultra formula. You can watch it here below this post, or visit my Facebook page to watch!

I’m not going to be doing step by step blog tutorials here, because the videos are the tutorials. My goal isn’t to have you make what I make, but to have you get excited to make it your way! All of the videos will feature techniques you can use to make something similar or do something totally different. It’s my main goal in everything I do to inspire you to color outside of the lines and discover your unique voice. Plaid is the perfect company to help me do this, because they make so many great products and they’re always on the cutting edge of DIY.

This isn’t a dive back into crafting full time, it’s a facet of what I’m doing these days. I’m writing, making Margot Potter jewelry, and Mornings with Madge every weekday. This is a wonderful, sparkly, glittering facet of the many facets of who I am and what gets me excited and hopefully gets other folks excited!

For me, creativity is a defiant act. It’s the opposite of destruction. It’s a reclaiming of our power, because everyone has a creative impulse. I’m not as interested in going viral as I am interested in inspiring people to make beautiful things successfully. Hopefully that resonates. I want to inspire people, but not limit them. My taste isn’t your taste, and that’s what makes the world a wonder full place! Use the colors and components that tickle your fancy, and rest assured that Plaid Crafts has you covered with quality ingredients and I’ve got you covered with quality instructions. Stay tuned for more!

Visit Plaid on social media @PlaidCrafts! Tell ‘em Madge sent ya!