(I Can't) Do All the Things!

Image Copyright  Hyperbole and a Half

Image Copyright Hyperbole and a Half

Hello, Fabulous Person…

…reading this blog post. I hope all is well in your corner of the universe.

I’m finding myself feeling more than a skootch overwhelmed. I’m trying to do all the things, but the truth is, that’s not possible. No one can do all the things. Yet, I beat myself up endlessly for not doing all the things all of the time with all of the efficiency and efficacy and appropriate level of enthusiasm.

Why can’t you just do all the things already?


Mind you, all of the things I am not doing with enough efficiency and efficacy and enthusiasm are arbitrary. As I am making this up every day, I get to decide what the things are that I am doing. One would think that would make my life a fun filled adventure of unfettered thing doing.

One would be incorrect.

The internets are insatiable. The right things prove elusive. At least some of the things I am doing every day have to make some of the money that might pay some of the mortgage. Yet, most of the things I am doing every day are not making all of the money and some of them are making none of the money. This means that my thing doing needs constant evaluation and adjustment. This results in the need for me to continue to do as many of the things as I can, while simultaneously beating myself up for not doing more of them.


In the space of the past month I have conceived, created, and launched a new jewelry line, shot and edited five Mornings with Madge videos every week, entered and attempted to promote myself as a potentially absolutely FABULOUS make up and skin care LOVING member of the #SephoraSquad (I’d be honored to have your testimonial, I cannot see it but I appreciate it), started a new Instagram for my DIY project, haunted thrift stores in search of tins to use to make more jewelry for my new jewelry line…and yet, there’s the nagging feeling that I’m not doing enough. Why can’t I also post at least one thoughtful blog each week, do a better job on social media, make viral videos, finish my new book, attract tens of thousands of followers…


So many things…so little time.


These are strange times, our pressures are strange. The things we think we have to do are strange. The ways in which we measure our successes and failures are strange. The old ways of making a living and making it work are slowly morphing into new ways, strange new ways that lack road maps and clear directives.

And then there’s the marching of time and the fucks slowly slipping from my basket making it more difficult to define my trajectory or maintain my enthusiasm for things that seem lacking in substance. All of this leads me to seek the deeper meaning behind the things I am doing (or not doing as the case may be.)

Yet, undaunted by the contradictions, I shall continue to do all the things I can do and do my best not to worry about the things I can’t do and hopefully it will all work out the way it is supposed to work out. I can’t do all the things, but I can do some of the things with all of the moxie and chutzpah I can muster.

That’s all any of us can do.