Creating Connections with Confetti Photo Books from AARP

Hello, Fabulous Person,

Disclosure: The folks from Confetti (a new website/digital tool from AARP) asked me to try out their new photo memory book service. I am being compensated for this post, however all opinions are entirely my own. If I don’t honestly love it, I don’t share it. Period. I honestly love this!

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Most of us have file folders filled with digital photos, phones straining at the virtual seams, and, if you’re in my age group, boxes filled with family photos that were perhaps once destined for a photo album until life got in the way. I dig through my files and my boxes on occasion and think about organizing them. These are good thoughts, but they’ve yet to yield much in the way of action.

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Confetti ( is an online platform that makes it easy for you to organize your digital images and turn them into books you can print and gift to someone or keep for yourself. (You will need to scan your physical photos and turn them into digital files.) Once you’ve organized your digital files, you upload the images to their website and invite family and friends to contribute. I love this part, because other people in your circles also have virtual and actual photos that are wasting away. Maybe it’s to celebrate an important life event like a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, or maybe it’s a vacation, family reunion, or high school reunion. There’s also baby’s first year, children’s first and last day of school photos, sports, dance, drama, so many pictures, so little time! What a great way to reconnect with the people you love, the memories you cherish, and the stories of your lives.

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Once you have your book organized, you can view it as a digital slideshow, and then print it as a physical soft or hard cover book in three sizes. (Soft cover 6”x6” for $15.00, hard cover 8”x8” for $35.00 , hard cover 12”x12” for $55.00) I decided to print an 8”x8” hard cover book of some of the highlights from our many Potter Family Vacations over the years. I selected a cover image, organized the photos by location, uploaded them and sized them to fit on the pages, added some simple text beneath each photo, reviewed it, and submitted my order. A couple of weeks later, I had a beautiful hardcover bound book of our photos, organized and compact! Perfect!

Book Three.png

The platform was very easy to use, though I am a digitally savvy gal. I think even if you are not digitally savvy, if you know how to upload a photo, you should be able to use the platform. It did take a little time for me to figure out how to toggle between different modes while creating the book, but I got it figured out with minimal effort. I am so delighted with this book and am thinking about other books that might be fun to create with family and friends. This concept was developed for women 45-55, but I think this has broad appeal. We all have memories, we’re making more every day, and instead of leaving them in folders or boxes, this is a wonderful way to give them a new life and to share that experience with the people we love. It’s also a wonderful gift for our elders, especially those in assisted living, to help them feel connected to their past and cherished in the present.

You can see the finished book and get step by step instructions for making your own in the video below.