Be Better


There is nothing more insidious than the politics of fear. The more people become distrustful, distracted, divided, and disturbed, the easier it is to prevent them from rising up together to demand change. We are living in a fearful time, a hateful age, and it feels as if the fear is winning.

However, the fear is not winning. Fear can never win. Fear may hold sway for a time, but eventually it eats itself and love returns. While fear holds sway, we have to hold on. We have to love each other harder, lift each other higher, and fight more valiantly for everyone’s right to be free to live fearlessly.

I will not allow the world to turn my love into fear.

I will not let those who died fighting for good die in vain.

As long as I have a voice, I will use it.

I will shine my light in the darkness every single day.

We may never ‘be best’, and surely the fear mongers who toss cynical platitudes alongside hateful rhetoric will not.

The rest of us can strive in every way, and every day, to be better.